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  • 5G Cellular Portable PCs Ecosystem and Trends
  • Dec 22, 2019


Global Cellular 5G Portable PCs will ship 37 million by 2025. 5G expected to reach mass-market level by 2024, we expect laptops will increasingly have cellular connectivity as standard and those without cellular connectivity will slip towards a minority by the mid-2020s We expect more smartphone OEMs to leverage their experience in Qualcomm Snapdragon designs to enter the Windows on the ARM PC market. All will be cellular capable, and most will include eSIM. We also expect some of the smartphone OEM to enter this space, leveraging their experience by employing the same snapdragon solution for smartphones, extending to the thin form of connected PC, with windows on a snapdragon. Another factor which will drive always connected & new generation of windows 10 and beyond are the mixed reality features coming to windows platform which will have significant use case in education, industrial and enterprise verticals as well as for creative professionals, advertisers, and gaming developers.

In the age of IoT Revolution, In-built connectivity for PC was the next step of evolution for the PC industry. Going forward, we can see more PC vendors opting for always-connected PC solutions

Table of Content

  • Cellular Portable PCs Introduction & Ecosystem
  • IoT Value Chain – Connected Portable PCs Positioning & Key Players
  • Global Cellular Portable PCs Market Status
  • 5G Cellular Portable PCs Ecosystem
  • Key Takeaway

Number of Pages: 15
Author: Satyajit Sinha
Published Date: December 2019

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