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Private Cellular Networks – Critical Enablers for Industrial IoT?

Oct 5, 2019 |


Private networks, both LTE and 5G, deployed in a shared and unlicensed spectrum is a hot topic. Mobile network operators (MNOs) and infrastructure vendors are assessing opportunities to build bespoke networks for a range of enterprise and industrial applications. At the same time, many enterprises want to bypass the MNOs altogether and build their own networks.

This Viewpoint provides an overview of the key elements of LTE/5G network infrastructure and evaluates the advantages of cellular technologies compared to alternative wireless solutions. Particular focus is on the requirements of the manufacturing and logistics industries. We look at key use cases and details of LTE private network trials and commercial services, take stock of the main ecosystem players and give our assessment of the potentially disruptive implications of private networks.

Table of Contents:

  • Technology Focus
  • Spectrum Overview
  • Spectrum Availability
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • The Netherlands
    • United States
    • Japan
  • Use Cases
  • Trials and Commercial Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Ports
    • Other Trials/Deployments
  • Players and Ecosystem
  • Challenges
  • Viewpoint

Number of Pages: 24
Author: Gareth Owen
Published Date: October 2019


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