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  • Mar 8, 2019


This report examines the current state of 5G and commercialization roadmap for it. In addition to this, it also analyses the progress made by various bodies towards 5G standardization. It thereafter exhaustively examines the spectrum, device supplier readiness and network landscape. We have also updated the latest 5G smartphone forecast by key regions/countries and OEMs.

Table of Contents:

  • 5G Introduction 
    • 5G Unlocks New Capabilities
    • 5G NR Standardization Timeline
    • 5G NR R15 vs R16 Capabilities vs Applications
    • 5G NR Applications : Latency vs Bandwidth 
  • 5G Spectrum & Network Rollout 
    • 5G Spectrum Adoption by Geography
    • 5G Smartphone to Support Low, Mid & High Bands in 2019
    • 5G Commercialization Operator Roadmaps : S. Korea
    • 5G Commercialization Operator Roadmaps : China
    • 5G Commercialization Operator Roadmaps : USA
    • 5G Commercialization Operator Roadmaps : UK
    • 5G Commercialization Roadmaps : 5G Spectrum Licenses
  • 5G Supply Chain
    • 5G Smartphone Design Challenges Makes it Expensive
    • 5G Supplier Readiness : Qualcomm
    • 5G Supplier Readiness : Huawei
    • 5G Supplier Readiness : Intel
  • 5G Devices
    • 5G Smartphones: Forecast By Geographies
    • 5G Smartphones: Forecast by OEMs
    • 5G Smartphones: IP Royalty Rates & Earnings

Number of Pages: 26
Author: Neil Shah
Published Date: March 2019

Attached Files

  • Counterpoint - 5G Ecosystem Tracker - Feb 2019.pdf

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