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Humanoid Robots: Are They Ready to Walk with Us?

Jan 25, 2019 |


This report investigates the capabilities of humanoid robots and outlines their unique advantages compared to four-legged robots, wheeled robots and other robot types. Although achieving a high level of dexterity and balance is very challenging for humanoid robots, they are nevertheless uniquely suitable for a variety of market applications such as services, military use, entertainment, disaster response, logistics, etc.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Legged Reports vs Wheeled Robots and Crawler Robots
    • Humanoid Robots vs Four-Legged Reports
    • Primary Market for Humanoid Robots
  • Global Robotics Leaders and Benchmarks
    • Japan: First Mover
    • USA: Military Funding
    • DARPA Robotics Challenge
  • Most Capable and Interesting Humanoid Robots
    • Atlas (Boston Dynamics)
    • ASIMO (Honda)
    • ATRIAS (Agility Robotics)
    • Cassie (Agility Robotics)
    • Valkyrie (NASA)
  • Key Challenges for Humanoid Robot Development
    • Design Challenges
    • Commercial Challenges
  • Future Forecasts
    • Barometer Analysis
    • Commercialization Timeline
    • China Well Positioned
    • Technology, Design and Application Trends for Humanoid Robots
    • Summary of Primary Markets for Different Robots

Number of Pages: 24
Authors: Peter Richardson, Wei Sun
Published Date: January 2019

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