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What Verizon’s Tracfone Acquisition Means for US Smartphone Market

Dec 14, 2021 | Author : Matthew Orf


The FCC recently approved Verizon's acquisition of Tracfone. Through this deal, Verizon has now become the largest prepaid carrier in the United States with serious consequences for the US market. This report examines the impact that the deal will have on the US smartphone market, especially the low-end of the market. Trends assessed include 5G penetration, cost erosion of mmWave, the ongoing component shortages, and more.

 Table of Contents:

  • Verizon becomes largest prepaid carrier and a major player in retail channels 
  • FCC secures Verizon's participation in the Lifeline Program 
  • Low-end chip shortage intensifies 
  • Low-price 5G push 
  • Which OEMs stand to win from the acquisition? 
  • So why now? 

Number of Pages: 4

Published Date: December 2021


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