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Europe Monthly report - Samsung bounces back in July; but Q4 will belong to Apple

Sep 29, 2021 | Author : Jan Stryjak

Overview: In July 2021, Samsung regained the number one spot in Europe from Xiaomi. Can Samsung hang on through Q3 to Q4? Will Xiaomi fight back? Or can Apple spoil the party and overtake them both? This report assesses how the top three vendors are setting their stall up for Q4, and who will finish the year on a high.

Table of Contents:

  • Samsung betting big on foldables
  • Xiaomi eyes the Affordable Premium segment
  • Apple may have its best Q4 yet
  • Apple and Samsung to fight it out for top spot

Number of pages: 5

Author: Jan Stryjak

Published date: 29 September 2021


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