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  • North America Smartphone Market Analysis Q3 2020
  • Nov 18, 2020
This report is a deep dive analysis of the North America smartphone market in Q3 2020. We analyze the performance of individual OEMs as well as carriers in terms of smartphone sales. We also analyze the specifications of the devices being sold in the US market during Q3 2020. The analysis covers changes in OEMs' US and Canada sell-through. It also breaks down the top sellers in the US by channels and provides an analysis of the performance of different price-segments. 
  • Changes in OEM USA sales sell-through
  • Top sellers by USA channels
  • USA Price tier analysis
  • USA carrier sales insights
  • Device spec analysis
  • Changes in OEM Canada sales sell-through
  • Canada carrier sales insights
  • Canada price tier analysis
  • Special topics include: early iPhone 12 sales outlook, US 5G carrier updates, and connected device insights (connected PCs, FWA, and smartwatch)
Author: Maurice Klaehne, Hanish Bhatia
Published Date: November 2020
Pages: 69

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  • Counterpoint North America Smartphone Market Analysis Q3 2020.pdf

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