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  • US Smartphone Recovery Continues in July; Key Entry Devices are Launched
  • Sep 22, 2020

The US market continues to see sell-through volumes recover after the tremendous slow down seen in April and May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The US market sold through through 11.5 million smartphones in the month of July. This is a 2% month-over-month and an 8% year-over-year expansion. The strong comeback was due to some pent-up sales from lockdowns. Also, July is usually a month of vacations and less store traffic. With COVID-19 still affecting travel, many people stayed home. Smartphones have proven to be even more valuable during the pandemic.

This report provides July sell through details including:

  • Postpaid insights            
  • Prepaid insights
  • Key marketing initiatives    
  • New device launches with sales expectations     
  • OEM insights            

Number of Pages: 12
Author: Jeff Fieldhack, Hanish Bhatia, Maurice Klaehne

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