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  • India Smartphone Monthly Model Tracker 2019 July (Online Channels)
  • Aug 30, 2019


In July 2019, online channel share continue to increase with 41% share in the month, registering a 45% YoY growth. Brands are focusing on following a diversified channel strategy. Brands such as realme and Asus, which were online focused, are steadily increasing their offline presence. Flipkart share increased to 62% in July 2019, driven by Xiaomi and realme models. Xiaomi and realme accounted for 69% of total Flipkart shipments.  Top 10 offline brands captured 95% of the shipments. Samsung continues to lead the offline channel followed by vivo

This report tracks monthly India smartphone shipments by brand by model across different e-commerce channel platforms like Flipkart, Amazon,, Paytm, Snapdeal and others. It also tracks 100+ model level specifications which gives an in-depth analysis of the Indian market by channel.

Author: Counterpoint
Published Date: Aug 2019

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