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  • US Smartphone Market Sees a Rare Uptick in April
  • Jun 21, 2019


The US smartphone market sees a rare year-over-year uptick in April 2019. This short report provides an overview of smartphone sell-through from carrier channels in terms of volumes as well as the activity of OEMs during April 2019. It also gives an update on the T-Mobile-Sprint merger and 5G network rollout. The report splits the insights into pre-paid and post-paid connections and deep dives into the key marketing initiatives of carriers and OEMs.

This is a report that tracks the changes in the US smartphone market every month and is useful for operators and vendors to understand the prevailing situation of the market.

Table of Contents:

  • Movements within postpaid
  • Movements within prepaid
  • New devices and key marketing initiatives
  • OEM insights
  • 5G and network updates
  • The latest on T-Mobile / Sprint

Number of Pages: 7
Author: Jeff Fieldhack, Maurice Klaehne
Published Date: June 2019


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