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5G Users Have High Satisfaction in the USA

May 20, 2020 |


It has been a year since 5G commercialization began. In line with this, Counterpoint Research conducted a survey on the satisfaction of 5G smartphone users in the United States. We looked at how users perceived 5G network quality and performance under three different environments – mobile / static / indoors, and surveyed the results of users' overall satisfaction.

Table of Contents:

  • Demographic
  • Usage Pattern
    • Motivation of Purchase
    • Average Data Usage
  • User Perception of 5G Network Quality
    • Network connection
    • Network quality problem
    • Data speed
  • Overall 5G User satisfaction
  • Apps with high satisfaction while using 5G

Number of Pages: 14
Author: Pavel Naiya and Arushi Chawla
Published Date: May 2020

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